Pats Beef Jerky



High quality beef jerky comes from the hard work of a good staff. We strive to make the best beef jerky in Western Kansas. Using various spices and smoky flavors, we create a taste that cannot be matched.
Pat would love to thank his customers for all of their loyalty over the past 30 years of business!

Factory Fresh

Don’t settle for store bought jerky, at you get the freshest jerky available shipped right to your front door.


Pat’s Beef Jerky is located in the old Liebenthal State Bank building in Liebenthal, Kansas. The bank was robbed in 1927 and subsequently closed during the 1930s. After an extensive remodel, Pat’s Beef Jerky opened a family-operated business in 1990. Pat spent many hours trying recipes that would tantalize the taste buds and after several batches of jerky were sampled by potential customers, the final secret recipe was brought into production.

Pat’s opened for business with one smoker… however, within a couple of years, it expanded to include five additional smokers to handle the customer demand. After five years, the staff also expanded to keep up with production. Customers from all over the world, as well as our loyal patrons from throughout Kansas, have visited our store in Liebenthal.

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